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From Pain to Passion: Currenti, Owner and Chef, Fratteli's Italian Restaurant: SoftWave Therapy Restores HOPE!

Published October 24th, 2023 by Dr. Sam Camarata

Meet Roberto Currenti, the passionate owner and head chef of Fratteli's Italian Restaurant, in Avon NY, renowned for its delectable Italian dishes such as homemade gnocchi, chicken parm, chicken french and much more with a warm and inviting ambiance. For years, Currenti had been silently battling a relentless adversary: chronic pain. This is the story of how he found hope and restoration through SoftWave Therapy with Dr Sam at Camarata Chiropractic & Wellness.

Currenti's path to SoftWave Therapy was paved by an encounter with Mike Bozza, a close friend and fellow culinary artist. Bozza, the owner of the celebrated Bozza Pasta, knew of Currenti's enduring struggle with lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and shoulder discomfort. He empathized with his friend's pain and recommended that Currenti explore the potential of SoftWave Therapy at Dr. Sam Camarata's practice.

Intrigued by the prospect of relief, Currenti took Bozza's advice and embarked on his journey to Camarata Chiropractic & Wellness. Upon his initial visit, Dr. Sam Camarata welcomed him with open arms and a genuine eagerness to help. Currenti shared his health history, recounting over two decades of persistent pain and multiple surgeries. He vividly described the constant lower back pain, sciatic pain, knee and shoulder pain that cast a shadow over both his daily life and his role as the head chef of Fratteli's.

The restaurant industry is notorious for its demanding physicality, with chefs often spending long hours on their feet, navigating unforgiving concrete floors. Currenti's dedication to his craft was unwavering, but his pain was an ever-present companion, limiting his ability to enjoy outdoor activities like biking and exercise.

Dr. Sam Camarata initiated the assessment by reviewing Currenti's x-rays and MRI scans, shedding light on the physical challenges that lay ahead. He conducted a Discovery Mapping Session with SoftWave Therapy, a meticulous process that pinpointed areas of concern: inflammation, scar tissue, arthritis, compromised blood flow, muscle atrophy, and restricted range of motion.

Currenti's lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, lumbar discs, and sciatic nerve points revealed numerous issues. Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Sam commenced the first SoftWave Therapy session, and the transformation was palpable.

After the introductory session, Currenti felt a significant reduction in pain and stiffness, coupled with improved mobility. Dr. Sam took the time to educate Currenti about SoftWave Therapy's science, mechanisms, and expectations. Impressed by the immediate results, Currenti eagerly scheduled his follow-up session for the following week.

During the second visit, Dr. Sam identified muscle atrophy in Currenti's knee, a persistent issue he had endured for over two decades. Permission granted, Dr. Sam extended the SoftWave Therapy treatment to Currenti's knee. The effect was astonishing; Currenti experienced an immediate improvement in knee function, leaving him astounded.

Currenti had been dealing with knee problems for 20 plus years! He goes to Physical Therapy to help strengthen his knee. He couldn't believe the immediate change! He wasn't going to discuss his knee because he originally came in just for his back to try and avoid a potential other back surgery. Dr Sam advised Currenti to let him know how his knee feels over the next week and to set up another session for his day 3 visit another week. 

Upon Currenti's 3rd visit, he was absolutely amazed and shocked how much better his knee felt! He went to Physical Therapy and they couldn't believe his transformation! He was able to perform more PT exercises with improved endurance, improved muscle activation, less pain and improved range of motion! Currenti let Dr Sam know we needed to continue with his knee as well.

Fast forward to visit 6, Currenti asked Dr Sam about his left shoulder always giving him issues for over 10 years. Dr Sam performed SoftWave Therapy on his left shoulder after noticing he had severe restricted motion, severe inflammation and severe pain. Immediately following his shoulder session, Currenti was amazed yet again! Decreased pain, improved range of motion in all areas, less stiffness and less swelling immediately. Even his myofascial therapist noticed significant change in his muscle tissue and range of motion!

Over the course of seven weeks, Dr. Sam and Currenti worked collaboratively on his lower back, sciatic nerve, knee, and his long-standing left shoulder pain. With each session, Currenti noticed a remarkable reduction in pain, improved range of motion, decreased stiffness, and reduced swelling.

The SoftWave Therapy sessions not only rekindled Currenti's passion for outdoor activities but also enhanced his endurance and muscle activation, enabling him to participate more actively in physical therapy exercises.

Currenti's SoftWave Therapy journey is a testament to the remarkable healing power of this revolutionary technology. He is grateful to Dr. Sam Camarata and Mike Bozza for the introduction that led him to the doors of Camarata Chiropractic & Wellness, where he discovered a path from pain to passion.

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